Returning to the stone ship

Vis left an extremely strong impression on me and my family, and since 2004, and the first visit, I have been actively looking for land. I looked at the houses, but I found some flaws and excuses for why I didn’t like them. I only knew one thing. I will not buy anything that does not have a nice and direct sea view. That was a fundamental prerequisite. We continentals have a lot of views of the forest and greenery. I wanted everything blue in front of my eyes. Both up and down. Both heaven and earth, that is, the sea.

We then returned to Vis in 2005, although only for one day, as excursionists who spent their summers on Hvar. That’s how I realized the beauties of Vis by looking at them from the seaside. And now I have vivid pictures of passing by boat next to Ženka, Milna, Rukavac, then the Green Cave, Biševo and its Blue Cave and driving on the north side of the island.

Although we spent our summers on other islands, because my restless spirit can hardly stand the same place, we returned to Vis in 2009, then in 2013, 2016, and finally in 2020.

All this time the love and longing for this island were growing, and somewhere deep inside, I knew it was no accident. The peace I found on it filled my “batteries” with powerful energy, and the smells, tastes, and sounds filled all my senses. The fish had a different, more magical taste on Vis, Vugava, rakija were an effective remedy, and the sun and unrealistically beautiful beaches as a therapeutic session that restores my tired body from daily business activities, stress, and depressive phases.

Maybe I’m just imagining it, but Vis has somehow “captured” my body and soul to such an extent that I no longer have the will to wander around other islands. I decided to settle down there and embark on a construction adventure. And it was a decision that was wholeheartedly supported by my family, wife Renata, and children Silvio and Paula.

About buying land in the next article!

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