Vis or Komiža?

A million-dollar question! Choose a plot in the town of Vis or Komiža? Already on my first summer vacation, I realized that there is a certain rivalry between these two beautiful places, which share the same open sea destiny. I deliberately did not want to write animosity, so as not to stir up passions. As a future resident of this island, I want, in this case, to correctly take a neutral position per the appropriate Latin saying Audi, vide, tace si vis vivere in pace (Listen, watch, shut up, if you want to live in peace).

Still, I have to choose the land somewhere, and in that sense, I had no prejudices. I didn’t care where it would be if it met my criteria, which we have already listed.

The second plot, which I was looking at, was located in Komiža. On Njuškalo, only large plots are offered, which were out of the question, but still, one larger one caught my eye. It was about 1561 m2 of land behind the Hotel Biševo, some 200 meters away from it. They were three smaller plots, relatively narrow and long, and not much could be seen from the ad, which did not contain detailed descriptions and photographs. “Is there a good view of the sea from that plot,” I wondered as we drove towards Komiža. It annoyed me that some advertisers don’t care how attractive ads are made that will be informative enough.

The land was sold by one bank, I will omit the name of the same, not to advertise them. The price was 96,000 euros, which was 61.50 euros per m2. “Wow ..the price is more than good,” I happily commented on this finding with my wife Renata. Already on the way to Komiža, I dreamed of buying the whole plot and then dividing it into two parts. I sell one and leave the other nicer one to myself. How good that would be! I would get a very affordable 800 m2 of land, which is more than I asked for. Never enough! 🙂

View of the land in Komiža from the road

I liked the plot at first, it was a bit elevated, and it stretched a good 100 meters to the left and right of the road. In front of the plot, in the direction of the sea, there was a nicely maintained olive grove, so I assumed there was no construction on that plot. That would definitely suit me because the sea view was exceptional. After all, see for yourself.

View from the plot in Komiža towards the sea and Biševo

The only disadvantage of the land was its average width of about 10-11 meters, but I quickly realized that this was probably not an obstacle due to the passage of the road along a good part of the plot. It could be done nicely, I also dreamed of bringing in building materials. Still, I didn’t want to continue talking to the bank about the purchase until I explored all the possibilities.

The third plot was located, like the first one, in the town of Vis. The air distance from the one without the access road was some 300 meters away, straight. It also had an access road, yay! It even brought a smile to my face.

The land was again on sale by a man from Zagreb. Hmmm, are there any locals on Vis at all?

The price for 300 m2 was surprisingly good, it was 30,000 euros. It was the most favorable land I had found so far. I was tormented by the suspicion that something was wrong with the papers when the price was not “high”. Always the same curse. When it’s expensive you think the seller isn’t “normal,” and when it’s cheap you think something is wrong. Do you also look at things the same way?

I left the car on the main road, so we walked uphill. We got a little tired, and it was hot too. A real summer day. And hope we didn’t sweat in vain? We also have time for swimming after sightseeing, I thought, because our Labrador Dona was with us, and she would be equally happy to swim.

Dona, a Labrador without whom I’m not going anywhere anymore

I will give my impressions of this land in the new article.

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