Brother sued by his son, but don’t worry!

We had a hard time finding that third plot in the town of Vis, which I started writing about in the last sequel. The problem was a very neglected location overgrown with various trees and shrubs. Because of this, I was unable to set foot on it, so I stepped onto the road above the ground itself trying to visualize the boundaries of the same. Thus, the photo was taken.

Sea view from the third plot in the town of Vis

The position of the property itself was not bad, but I saw several problems. The other properties, in front of the one I was looking at, were not built, and the tree that grew in the middle of the plot, in front of the one I was looking at, will obviously still grow. This will reduce the sea view even more. And I didn’t want that at all. After about ten minutes, I decided that this plot is not for us and that there is no point in negotiating.

The position of the third property was near the road to the Czech villa, so I persuaded my wife to walk that bypass, at the beginning of which parking lots have now been built. Maybe we’ll come across an interesting plot along the way, I thought. And indeed, we found the ideal position very quickly.

View from the fourth plot near the Czech villa

The view was unforgettable, and from the fourth plot, you could see the Czech villa on one side and a good part of Lučica on the other side. Excellent! Access to the plot was direct to the road, and the houses built were far enough away not to obscure the view. Perfect.

This ad was not on Njuškalo, but that the property was for sale could be concluded from the FOR SALE sign pinned to the land. I immediately called the prominent phone number and found out that it was 1000 m2 of land, and I concluded from their voice that I had come across an island seller for the first time. To my question, “how much are you asking for a plot,” I received an indefinite answer in the sense that the prices range from 200 to 220 euros per m2, which would probably mean that it can be negotiated. Or maybe the salesperson “measures” the depth of my pocket? Who is going to know, but it’s not cheap.

Before I summed up the squares in my head and the asking price, I asked the seller if the papers were clean, if they had any cargo, and if he, the seller, was the sole owner.  “My brother was sued by my son, but don’t worry it has nothing to do with my share of the paycheck,” he told me. In further conversation, I found out that a court dispute is ongoing and that no parceling has been made between the brother and the seller but also the assurance that this is allegedly “not a problem”. Vaccinated from cases like this, in the same second I realized that I don’t have time to wait for the unfolding of events between the brothers. Too bad, this plot was very unique to me.

The search continues. It will take me to the southern part of the island, where the sun is in the sky all day. But about that another time.

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