On the south side!

I continued my search for land on the south side of the island. I decided to go around that part on foot because that’s the best way to see the situation on the ground. I got up early because walking in the hottest heat would be hard for both me and Dona.

I started from Rukavac, via Brgujac to Milna and Ženka. Rukavac is the biggest, so I will visit it the next day, after I investigate the situation in these other places.

I remember Brgujac from my summer vacations from the past years because I loved to visit it on foot. It is a small place of protected landscape, so there are not many possibilities for any purchase of land, let alone affordable. I remember one unfinished house in the first row by the sea that I had already seen. I see that it has not been renovated yet, so I decide to call the owner who, by the way, no longer lives on Vis. He tells me he still doesn’t want to sell the property and that he will call me if he changes his mind.

A house in Brgujac that caught my eye

Too bad the house isn’t something but the position is great. The question is, if it was for sale, what would be its price, due to the relatively large land and position by the sea. Probably unreachable, I think to myself as I say goodbye to the neighbors and continue on foot along the goat path across Zaglav to Milna.

Milna, view from the road from Zaglav

Ah, Milna. Unfortunately, this piece of paradise with a beautiful sandy beach did not offer a single plot. There are a few houses for sale but outrageously expensive so, I don’t even enter into negotiations with the owners. When something is overpriced, then it is best to leave the seller alone to realize, that at the asking price, he will not be able to find a buyer.

From Milna, there is a road by the sea through Ženka, and in it, I found two plots of 300 m2 that were interesting to me. The first was located on a separate macadam road and was not advertised for sale. This is the fifth plot I have seen.

View from plot number five in Ženka

The owner hadn’t formed a price yet, in fact he wasn’t even sure yet if he wanted to sell it or build something himself. I got the impression that something was wrong with the papers so I quickly “cooled down”. After all, my view was not spectacular.

At the end of the Ženka was another plot of land, the sixth in a row, which I put in the circle of favorites. The asking price was 60,000 euros, and the plot already had a building permit. The view was beautiful and unobstructed. As I know that obtaining a building permit for a building up to 200 m2 costs from 15,000 to 20,000 euros, this offer was within my financial limits, with the proviso that the price in the negotiations would probably go down a bit more. What I didn’t really like about the position of this plot was that the road runs in front of the land. I would rather have the road behind the plot.

View from land number six in Ženka

I left the negotiations about this property for the end when I look at the plots in Rukavac.

I will talk about that in the next sequel, and now I was waiting to return on foot back on the road 7-8 kilometers long. The heat set in so, it was wise for me to bring fresh water for Dona and me.

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