Final selection

I started sightseeing around Rukavac with thoughts of plot number six, which I visited the day before in Ženka, and plot number two, which I visited in Komiža. Both were in my inner circle of favorites, so I was sorting out my impressions and negotiating tactics in my head, of course, if I don’t find what I’m looking for today.

In Rukavac, I chose two plots for sightseeing, both were in Griže Street, in the upper part of the place that looks like a settlement. Passing by the playground, I came across the first one, it was the first plot on the right side, so the access road passed in front of the plot.

View of plot number seven in Rukavac

Plot number seven was 300 m2 in size and with all the infrastructure, and its plus was that it was the first in the street, so there are no neighbors on the right. The minus is, of course, the passage of the street in front of it and the reduced privacy because of that. I contacted the seller by phone, and in the conversation, he told me that he was the sole owner, and if I remember correctly, he said that he was from Trogir. It was known to me that this land had been sold for a long time, and the price the seller was asking for was 200 euros per m2. What definitely deterred me from buying this plot was the owner’s attitude that there were no price negotiations. I’ve never bought anything in my life without negotiating, so I won’t this time either. Yet my father’s trading genes are circulating in me.

One hundred meters away from plot number seven was plot number eight on the left. In nature, it was land with some construction underway that had been unsuccessfully sold for several years.

Land with started construction number eight in Rukavac

I knew this information from before because I looked at this property of about three hundred square meters in 2016 when I was vacationing in the house next to it. Back then, I spoke to the owner, a Slovenian who asked for a price of 150 euros per m2. Even now, the price was the same, so it wasn’t clear why it hasn’t been sold already.

The same owner was also selling the house located just across from this plot, and this land served him as a parking lot.

The plot is now on sale by an agency, and talking to them did not convince me that the situation was 1/1 clear. I was also bothered by the relatively limited sea view from the plot, so I decided not to negotiate the price for now and climb the street above this one in search of some plots with a better sea view, which are not advertised.

Entrance to the street above land seven and eight

It was the right move because in it, as it would turn out later, I found what I was looking for.

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