A breathtaking view

I love the beautiful view from the top, after all, whenever I have free time, I hike. I was always fascinated by the freedom of space that comes to the fore when you’re at the top of some hill. It is the same with this street in Rukavac. This place has the most beautiful view of the surroundings and the sea. I could see all from the street I just stepped into.

At its beginning, on the left, is a larger undeveloped plot which right now, as I write this, the City of Vis is selling in a tender. Immediately after that emptiness, two houses with white facades were built, later I found out that they were owned by the English. Their position is exceptional and dominant over the entire settlement due to the steeper terrain configuration. On the right, about halfway down the street, I noticed an overgrown plot where there is no building.

Overgrown plot on the right side in Griže Street

I don’t see a board or inscription about the sale on it, so it’s probably not for sale either. I immediately “cool off” from it because the road passes in front of the plot. That’s not what I’m looking for.

On the left, a little further, there is also an empty plot, and the vegetation on it tells me that no one has been here for years. Still, through it, you can see that there is some kind of a building, something like the construction, so I boldly stepped into that jungle.

Oh, well it’s actually a small basement, I conclude quickly, and walking just a few steps further, stepping on the top concrete surface, I was left in shock. The view of the sea opened up and took my breath away.

The view of the sea and Srebrena beach that took my breath away

Looking for something like this, it was the first thing I thought as all my senses of sight “floated over the horizon” along with the sea waves crashing against the shore. The view was unobstructed by almost 180 degrees left and right, and everything around the house was already built, so there is no possibility that someone could “steal” this view from me with their construction, I fantasized about that plot as if I had already bought it.

Check, check, is it for sale at all? There is no sign as far as I can see, and I don’t even see any of the neighbors to ask them about it. After all, who owns it. While I am waiting for someone to come, I look at the surrounding houses and the position of this property, so I take nice photos so that I can show the pictures to my family, especially my daughter Paula, who lives far from Croatia and last visited Vis back in 2013.

Without waiting for the neighbors, I returned to the apartment to find out which plot it was through Arkod and then find the owner of this plot online in the land register.

While searching for ownership data, I could not get a picture out of my head of the plot from which the island of Sušac could be seen in the distance. Somehow I secretly hoped it was for sale after all.

View from the plot with the island of Sušac in the fog

And it was, but about that in the next article because the way I got to the owner was mere luck.

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