From Vis to Kentucky

Surely you are wondering what the title of this post has to do with the choice of land on the island of Vis? Oh, there is. Very much!

In a previous post, I explained how I was trying to find the owner of a plot of land that I liked through Arkod and land books. The first trail after him led to Rijeka. For this story, I will give him a fictitious name and surname Krešimir Davidović.

Namely, that was the last known address where Krešimir lived. The good thing is that I had his personal identification number, OIB in Croatia, so I was somewhat reassured that I would find him without a problem. The good thing was that the plot was 1/1, so pure ownership unencumbered by encumbrances.

But then a big surprise followed. Namely, Krešimir checked out and moved away with his family from Croatia and has not lived in it for a long time !!! The bad news was that the person who helped me and found out this information did not have information where Krešimir “flew away”. Who would know where he was now, I thought anxiously. It can be anywhere in the world, right?

The first search and typing his name and surname into an internet search engine gave me no clue, but as I have a rich newspaper archive, a dusty article from the 1980s still helped me. That trail led to Banja Luka. “That was something,” I thought, as I wondered who in Banja Luka I could ask if he knew “my” Krešimir.

Of course, that didn’t have to mean that the person of the same name and surname was at the same time the person I was looking for. Still, she was. What a lucky man I am.

As I launched a specialized media portal a couple of years ago, I had an associate in Banja Luka, Radmila, who worked for me for a while. I contacted her, and that, as time will show, was crucial. “Well, I clearly know Krešimir,” she told me, “we are friends on social networks, and I have his phone number.” Suuuuper news.

This immediately smelled like a good development of the situation, although I had no idea if Krešimir wanted to sell the plot at all and if we could agree on a price! Of course, money is always in the game.

And so, by pure coincidence, and lots of luck, I found out that Krešimir lives in America in the state of Kentucky. I asked my former co-worker to contact him in a friendly manner and explain to him that I would contact him regarding the land. I considered it a good negotiating tactic, no matter how the situation turned out in the end.

However, when I sent the first message via messenger I did not refer to that “friendship”. Why? I have no idea. “That’s how my beans fell,” we continentals would say when we’re talking about something we can’t explain.

Here is the message!

The first message I sent to Krešimir in Kentucky.

After I sent the message, I realized that at that point, due to the time distance, it was still night in America and that I could not expect feedback immediately. Therefore, you will not be able to read the answer I received immediately, but be patient until the new announcement. 🙂

And while we waited for an answer, we traveled a bit too, but not far. Only to the beautiful Biševo!

My wife Renata and I on Biševo in Porat Bay while we waited for feedback from America.

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