Negotiation and decision

Upon my return from Biševo, I received a message from Krešimir, the owner of the plot in Rukavac, which I wrote about in the last post. The news were good. Basically, he is already older and would like to sell it, and he already had two offers but has not yet agreed with potential buyers. As he has not lived in Croatia for a long time, he suggested that I make my offer, so we will start negotiations.

I replied that I would look at some more offers and get back to him. If you read my posts carefully, you could notice that I narrowed my choice to the land in Komiža, which was on sale by the bank, the plot in Ženka, and this one in Rukavac.

My favorite was the land in Rukavac, and the second place was that plot in Komiža. The reserve option was a plot in the Ženka. The family had the same opinion.

Before you see the outcome of the negotiations, take a look at all three plots once again and write in the comments below the post what you would choose. Thanks!

View from the land in Komiža
View from the plot in Ženka
View from the plot in Rukavac

The decision fell. I will first negotiate for the plot in Rukavac because the view from it was the most beautiful. It was also the smallest land, so I expected to achieve the price within the planned budget.

After contacting Krešimir again, and informing him of our offer, I waited a full two days for a response from Kentucky, which I saw as part of the negotiation tactics.

In moments of waiting for an answer, I cannot stand still, like when you’re trying to win over a person you like, and you don’t know if she likes you. You approached her, started a conversation, maybe even paid for a drink, and then decided to ask for a little car ride. At that critical moment, you can expect everything. In addition to the word “can, of course,” the answer may be a slap.

I was a little scared that just that would happen; that Krešimir will “slap” me with the price, so I will have to give up buying the favorites. Still, the fear was not justified because its price was slightly higher than our offer, but the difference was not big.

And to shorten. At the end of the negotiations, we finalized the price, which I considered realistic, and it was also within the planned budget.

But not everything went smoothly with the payout. It was already stuck with the payment of the down payment, so at times I thought that the whole deal would fail.


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