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Today’s article will not be like the others I have written so far. I haven’t run out of topics, in fact, you’ll see what excitement and surprises follow. However, when choosing the plot, I did not pay enough attention to one very important detail called the communal contribution, so I would like to draw attention to this issue to all those who, like me, intend to build something on the island of Vis.

Namely, everyone who builds anything anywhere in Croatia must pay the communal contribution that is paid when issuing a building permit. In a figurative sense, before you drive a shovel into the ground at all, you will cash out serious money. This is a very important piece of information to prepare every investor for this cost, which is ultimately not small.

For example, Zagreb is divided into six zones, and prices in these zones range from 120 kunas per cubic meter in the first, most expensive zone up to 10.00 kunas in the cheapest sixth. An additional 20% discount can be obtained on these prices if it is paid at once, and if you want an installment payment, you can, along with the debenture, stretch it to 24 installments.

Here it is important to take care that it is done in cubic meters, so the length x width x height of the house.

According to rough calculations, my house will have about 550 cubic meters distributed on the basement, ground floor, and first floor, so I was interested in how much it would cost me.

In the decision on the communal contribution of the City of Vis from 2018, I read that three zones have been determined in its area, considering the arrangement and equipment of the zone with communal infrastructure and according to their position, it follows:

ZONE I: It includes a construction area within the settlement of Vis.

ZONE II: It includes the construction area within the settlements of Dračevo polje, Marina zemlje, Milna, Plisko polje, Podselje, Podstražje, Rogačić, and Rukavac.

ZONE III: Includes all unlisted locations and fields outside the construction area in the cadastral municipality of Vis.

The price of the communal contribution by zones is: ZONE I : 130,00 kn / m3, ZONE II: 120,00 kn / m3, ZONE III: 110.00 kn / m.

Rukavac belongs to zone II, which means that the utility contribution will cost me (550 m3 x 120.00 kn) = 66,000 kunas (8,800 euros). There is no discount for payment at once as in Zagreb, but it is possible to pay a maximum of four installments within a year with a bank guarantee or mortgage !! ??

If by any chance I had lived on the island for at least seven years then I would have received a discount of as much as 80%. Since I didn’t, I will have to pay more than it costs in Zagreb.

I was interested in the prices on the same island but in the town of Komiža. And here we have three zones. In the first is the settlement of Komiža, in the second all the other settlements, and in the third is the Working Zone Ravno. Prices in Komiža are still significantly cheaper. The first zone is 60 kuna per cubic meter, the second 30, and the third zone is the same. There is no discount for payment at once, but it can be repaid in twelve installments with a promissory note if the amount exceeds 100,000 kunas.

So, if I had decided to build a house in the area of the town of Komiža, the same in the second zone as in Rukavac, which includes, for example, Biševo, I would have paid a communal contribution of 16,500 kuna or 2,200 euros or four times less.

Just so you know.

Panorama of Rukavac taken in February 2021
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