Cleaning up

After formally buying a plot and waiting for documentation from America, I planned to go to Vis to clean up the plot of wild vegetation that covered a large part of the land. A lot of things had to come together to make that happen. I wanted to time my departure as soon as I received the signed contracts so that I could immediately hand them over to the land register in Split because it is not very easy and cheap for me to travel twice to Split from Kutina.

I couldn’t do the cleaning myself, so I had to balance my son’s student obligations, my wife’s days off, and of course, the weather conditions. There was also luck, so almost everything coincided in early February this year. I say almost everything because the documentation from the USA was late and arrived when we were already on Vis. It wasn’t meant to match everything at once.

Before setting off, I looked for accommodation by placing an ad in a group on social networks that offers accommodation on the island of Vis. It was important for me to find him near the plot in Rukavac. Several people called me, and the first one to call me had everything I needed. Nice and comfortable accommodation only 2-3 minutes walk from the plot, and the possibility that my dog Dona stays with us, and all for a fair price.

When we arrived at our host’s house, Ksenija and Krešo, we realized that they are wonderful people and hosts, and I am infinitely grateful to them for that.

Beautiful view from the terrace of Ksenija and Krešo apartments

The road from Kutina to Split passed without great difficulties, but the weather was quite windy. The south wind was blowing. As expected at this time of year, there was no crowd on the powerful ferry Petar Hektorović.

Many of my friends find the ferry ride of almost 2.5 hours boring and tiring, but it relaxes me. Looking from Hektorović’s upper deck around into the blue sea and nearby islands, my restless soul gets peace and “food” for new challenges, as my body needs rest after a few hours of driving.

When Petar Hektorović “swallows” you, you know that unforgettable moments follow

The first thing I did when we arrived on the island was to go to the Agricultural Cooperative in Podšpilje because I intended to buy wine and brandy there. I love the road from Podselje to Podšpilje through Plisko and Dračevo polje. I feel like I am driving through French Provence through all those mighty olive groves and vineyards as on either side of the hill they block the view of the sea in a natural way protecting this paradise from strong winds. Oh God thank You for giving us such a beautiful land!

There was no luck, the cooperative was closed. I didn’t meet a dog there, let alone a man, so we immediately headed back to Rukavac. I wanted to re-experience the view from my plot as soon as possible.

I will write about that in the article.

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