Cleaning up 2

I was just excited when I re-entered the plot, now owned by me. It feels different than when you look around and plan to buy it. Yet, now it is a piece of the universe just for me and my family. 🙂

The weather was relatively favorable in early February. The south wind was blowing, and the sun was hiding behind the clouds, but it was not cold. Ideal for outdoor work. I took a chainsaw, a trimmer, and a pile of tools with me, and there was a mandatory spare chain so that I wouldn’t accidentally hit it on a rock. I didn’t want to leave anything to chance.

After we slept at Ksenija’s and Krešo’s house, I hurried the family with breakfast so that we could go to work as soon as possible. Here’s what it looked like in the beginning.

Before this arrival on the island, I thought that I might be able to burn some of the weeds on the spot and take care of the rest through a utility company, but the windy weather and the proximity of the surrounding houses did not allow it. There were more weeds than I had anticipated, and during the cleaning, we encountered some more difficulties. Namely, some people probably saw this plot as a convenient place to dispose of their waste, so behind the dense branches, we found a discarded washing machine, an old closet, crates made for glass packaging, and various fabrics.

Family during a field cleaning break

While we were cleaning the plot, we also got to know the nearby neighborhood, who were curious to see who appeared near them. That’s how I met Mladen, Peter, and Emina. Who would say that it is so lively in Rukavac in the winter?

Here is what the plot looked like after cleaning.

The works progressed well, and we finished them in 1.5 days, so we had a little time to wander around Vis in the winter months, but about that and some more interesting things in the following article.

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