Registration of change of ownership

After we returned from clean-up to Kutina, I was greeted by courier delivery with a contract, and apostilles arrived from Kentucky. The contract was signed by the seller, so my wife and I had to do the same with a Croatian notary. The cost of certification was HRK 375.

After we verified our signatures, in order to be able to submit the documentation to the land registry in Split, I still had to have the apostilles translated, obligatorily with a certified court translator, and then submit everything to the Court. It cost us another 200 kunas.

As soon as I had all the documents in my hands, to speed up the process, I decided to hand it over in person to the land in Split, so I got in the car and set off on a road almost 500 kilometers long in one direction.

There was no crowd at the Court, so I managed to submit the documentation within 45 minutes, which included going to the bank to pay a fee of HRK 250 for registering a change of ownership of the plot. When I add to that the costs of tolls in both directions of 408 kunas and fuel of 1000 kuna, a total of quite a few costs were collected. Here is the recapitulation;

Notarization of signaturesKutina375,50 kn
Translation of the ApostlesKutina200,00 kn
Toll Kutina -Split and backHR408,00 kn
Fuel Kutina- Split and backHR1.000,00 kn
Registration of the plot Split250,00 kn
Cost of payment order – bankSplit10,00 kn
TOTALHR2.243,50 kn

When handing over the documents to the Court, I asked the clerk how soon I would receive the enrollment decision, to which she shrugged her shoulders and answered briefly “you won’t wait long.”

I calculated that I could get a decision on enrollment within 2-3 weeks. By the way, the legal deadline for enrollment is 15 working days, but as I quickly realized, it is a dead letter on paper.

But about that in the next sequel.

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