As I wrote in a previous post, the legal deadline of 15 days for entering a change of ownership in the register is a dead letter on paper. At least that was the case with me.

After a full 30 days have passed since the submission of the documentation, I decided, in the morning, to call the land registry in Split by phone and check the status of my case.

The on-duty clerk answered and explained to me what the case was about, and she replied that the person working on my application was working this afternoon and that I should call next week.

As it was only Tuesday of the week it seemed pretty long to wait, so I replied that I would call the same afternoon, and asked for the name of the person working on my case, so I would know who to look for. “I can’t tell you the name because it’s not common, and after 2 p.m no one works at the exchange anymore,” the clerk said, and I was shocked by the realization and just said, “okay, thank you.”

There was no choice but to wait for the next week, although, to be honest, waiting is hard for me. But what can I do. 

So the next week arrived, so I’m calling again. After I got a clerk at the exchange and told her the case number, she kindly asked me to wait in line while she checks my case. Two-three minutes of waiting, and here she is back.

“Your request will be rejected due to lack of documentation, you will receive a written explanation,” said a female voice on the other end of the phone, and when I asked what the problem was, she only repeated, “you will receive an explanation.”

I was confused, and it was not clear to me what the problem was, so I became even more impatient to wait for a written explanation. But I wasted no time. In the meantime, I started actively looking for an architect who would create projects for me to obtain a building permit.

I received recommendations for some architects from several people who are important to me, and I know some of them personally, so I started contacting them one by one to arrange meetings.

I shortlisted five people, one from my area, one from Zagreb, two from Split, and one from the island of Vis.

While arranging meetings with the architects, I thought about the view of Rukavac and the area of Griža, where my plot is located. I want to build something beautiful, functional, and modern and yet have a blend with tradition.

Although I haven’t really found examples of the tradition I want in the picture below, the contours of the house of my dreams are becoming clearer in my mind.

Location of the plot and panoramic picture of houses in the area of Griža in Rukavac. In the foreground my Dona waits patiently while I take photos

But take it easy. I’ll talk about that in the next sequel though!

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