The solution has arrived

After 45 days of waiting, a written decision finally arrived from the land register in Split, from which I learned what was wrong with the documentation. In short, the certified translation of the Apostille was not jointly bound with the contract of sale of the property.

At first, it seemed easy to solve the problem, I take the documents to my notary, and he binds them, and I take them back to Split.

However, this was not the case because the decision did not specify who should do it. A notary public in America who certified part of the documentation, a notary public in Croatia who certified another part or a court interpreter who translated part of the documentation from English into Croatian.

I wanted to resolve the doubt by a telephone conversation with a clerk of the court in Split, but you guessed it, this is not possible because of their rules, which I have already written about. Nevertheless, the person who reported to the court headquarters listened to my problem and to my suggestion that I thought it was logical for the translator to do so, she replied “yes, probably so”. Um, the answer didn’t bring me so much confidence, but I have no choice but to do it.

In the meantime, I collected offers from the architects.

Of the five, I received four offers because one did not come to the meeting. That was just “interesting.” Although we arranged the meeting seven days in advance and I came to the meeting from Kutina to Split, the architect did not find it convenient to stick to the agreement or, at least, inform me about the change of plan before leaving but had to “travel outside Split”. Of course, I only found out when I saw that he was not showing up at the agreed time, so I called him on the phone.

The most expensive offer was the one from the island of Vis. For the complete documentation and cost estimates, the price was as much as 30,000 euros, plus an additional 5,000 kuna for the 3D animation of the house that I wanted to have to see the accommodation of the house in the space. Namely, this architect does not make it, but for him, it is done by an external collaborator, so it is an additional cost. I was shocked by the price because I was expecting a significantly lower amount.

But not everything is so black. The price for the same service at the architect in Kutina was 5,000 euros, of course with 3D animation. Zagreb‘s offer was approximately 6,000 euros, and the offer of another architect from Split was 7,000 euros.

It is clear which one I will reject, but I did not immediately decide which one to accept.

Although price is always important, I wanted to do a second round of interviews with these three architects who made realistic offers. It is also important to have trust and a good relationship with the person I will choose. Because I am building a house on the sea for the first and last time in my life. It’s the realization of my dream after all, and dreams have no price, and I can wait a bit, right?

Dona and her best friend

So let me dream until the next post!

  1. Ja isto planiram kupiti zemljiste u Rukavcu i krenuti u slicnu avanturu! Hvala za jako korisne informacije!

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