This is how the state system robs us!

I have to tell you how the state system uses every opportunity to take your money on things that don’t make sense and for which you are not responsible yourself. I have already described my experience with the land register in Split in the previous sequels, and now the continuation of that story follows.

In short, the first request to register the plot in my name failed because the documentation was not bound together (translation of the apostille and the contract of sale), so I had to repeat the procedure. Aside from the fact that I hired and paid a notary public and a certified court translator for this job, who did not warn me about this “little thing”, it was only when I submitted the documentation that I realized for the second time that I had more financial expenses ahead of me.

I have already written about the fact that the legal deadline for registration in the land register is 15 days. If the land registry does not register, or if it refuses to register within that period, nothing happens because there is no penalty for them, so it is not at all clear to me why the law has a deadline that does not oblige anyone to comply with it and for whose “breaking” “deadline no one bears the consequences.

On the other hand, after I received a refusal to enroll, almost two months had passed since the submission of the documentation. As I re-prepared everything with the notary for re-submission to the land registry, 62 days had passed since the previous attempt to enroll.

I set off again to Split and there I found out from the clerk who received the documentation that the fee for registering a plot is no longer HRK 250.00, as it was the first time, but is now HRK 1,250.00 !!! To my question why, the answer was that more than 60 days had passed since the date on the documentation and that the price was higher for that reason. It did not help my displeasure that this would not have happened if they had resolved my case within the legal deadline of 15 days. The clerk just shrugged and said he couldn’t do anything about it.

Entrance to the Municipal Court in Split

Pay for other people’s mistakes, because sheep exist to be sheared!

Thus, the second attempt at enrollment cost me an additional 2,500.00 kuna when the travel costs on the route Kutina-Split and back are added to the cost of 1,250.00 kunas.

And by the way, the legal deadline of 15 days has already passed for the second time, more precisely, today is the 22nd day since I submitted the documentation again, and I have not yet received the decision on the registration of the plot in my ownership.

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