To demolish or not?

As before, a new continuation of my blog about the experiences of building a house on the sea arrives this Saturday. After I chose and bought a plot of land in Rukavac on the Island of Vis, and then cleared it of undergrowth, the time has come for me to decide on choosing an architect in this 23rd post.

It was interesting to talk with the architects at the meetings because that way I got a better sense of choosing the person to whom I will entrust the realization of my dreams. Some interlocutors deeply disappointed me because they saw me very superficially, as just another client in a series, while others invested much more effort and time in the conversation, so you could feel the mutual good vibes.

In general, the larger the amount of money involved, which the architect asked for the job of preparing documentation for obtaining a building permit, the colder and more superficial the relationship was. Kind of a bit repulsive. It’s like they didn’t care about work.

However, I was looking for a person who, in addition to professionalism, will bring a dose of enthusiasm, desire, and passion to this project to create an object that will be special, referential, and a source of pride for everyone. In those conversations, I had to feel trust in that chosen person that together with me, he/she would make the most of the space in which the facility would be built. That was crucial for me to make a decision. It seems to me that I succeeded in that intention.

So, in the end, the choice fell on an architect from Split, who suited me based on the presented approach to this work, towards me as a client, but also due to the price, even though he was not the cheapest.

The first conversation with him, after the selection, was about what to do with the existing building on the plot. Should we tear it down or fit into a new project?

The earthquakes that hit Croatia made me think about the previous quality of the construction of that basement on the land. After a lot of weighing the pros and cons, I decided that we would tear it down to the ground and build a completely new apartment unit. This will certainly increase the total construction costs, but it is what it is.

Basement on a plot in Rukavac before demolition

The legality of the existing building had to be established beforehand, so according to the architect’s advice, I should have checked it at the Cadastre in Vis. There I asked for written confirmation on whether the building on that plot was built before February 15, 1968. This is very important because a legal object may not be demolished just like that, while there are no restrictions if it is not legal.

I am pleasantly surprised to say that I received the confirmation extremely quickly. From the moment I requested it to the moment I received it at my home address, not even seven days passed. Therefore, I would like to publicly praise the head of the Cadastre office Vis, Mr. Rajko Radišić, and his team on speed and professionalism. The cost of issuing the certificate was HRK 65 (8.63 EUR).

From the confirmation, it was evident, according to my expectations, that the building is illegal, i.e. that it is not managed as a legal building at all, so I was able to proceed with the selection of the contractor who will demolish it it.

The offers for the demolition of the building varied in price, but I will talk about that in the next post.

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