Where to eat well on the Island of Vis?

As part of this blog about building my house by the sea, I decided to add categories about other interesting things on this island, because I often get questions from my followers about what to see, where to eat, or how to have fun.

There are plenty of good taverns and restaurants on the Island of Vis, and I will not deal with all of them, but I will mention the ones that I like, of course, because I have personally visited them. This article is not sponsored, and I do not write the text because someone paid me to do so. I think it is important to mention that.

One of the places I often return to with my family is the Golub tavern. It is located in the middle of the island of Vis, in the town of Podselje, far from the sea. The first thing that attracted me to this tavern was its name. For restaurants in Dalmatia, I would say an unusual name, I would rather expect a seagull than a pigeon (Golub), haha.

Konoba Golub Podselje

Another thing I like is the view from the terrace of this restaurant. The village is located on an elevated part of the island, and below the village is a large valley called Plisko i Velo polje, over which in the distance you can see the blue sea in the direction of the south. It is a pleasure to sit on the terrace in the late afternoon when the sun begins to set and when the summer heat subsides and watch the green-blue landscape in the distance.

View of Plisko polje and the sea

For the Golub tavern, in the summer months and at the peak of the season, you must make a reservation in advance, because it is difficult to get a free table for dinner. And the price of the service, food and drinks, is a bit higher, and this was especially visible this year, but there is a clientele that is ready to pay for it, so I won’t bemoan the fate. It should be noted that you can taste rakija (local alcoholic drink) for free, but as we had them before dinner, we were not in the mood for more.

Podselje – in the middle is the Golub tavern

The portions are decently sized, and my wife Renata and I decided on lamb chops, potatoes, and grilled vegetables. And of course domestic wine from bulk.

Lamb chops, potatoes, and grilled vegetable

Daughter Paula always chooses differently, she doesn’t eat the same as us, so she “punished” herself with a seafood salad.

Seafood salad

Golub is a place that I definitely recommend to everyone who likes delicious food, decent service, and quality local wine. We find it important that restaurants have a good relationship with dogs because our Dona goes everywhere with us.

Restaurant Golub, Podselje Island of Vis
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