Lunch in Komiža

We all like to eat something nice, no matter what kind of food we prefer. Therefore, this summer, we decided to taste the food offered in two restaurants in Komiža, owned by the singer Luka Nižetić.

We are talking about the buildings that next to the Fishermen’s Fortress (locally known as Komuna), so it can be said that they are well positioned, because the moment you walk by the sea, you cannot bypass them. After all, you can see it in the cover photo.

My wife and I wanted to eat pizza, while my daughter chose BBQ wings with mango and cucumber salad.

A small problem arose in that the wings are a dish that is not on the pizzeria’s menu, but the pleasant and skillful waiters quickly solved that problem and brought the dish to the table we sat at.

The pizza was delicious, with a crumbly dough and rich in ingredients, visually nicely “colored” (if I take this black baked ulcer out of sight), and of sufficient size for someone like me.

The daughter praised the sauce and the wings, which were dominated by a fine sauce, and you can judge and see the color of the plate yourself.

As we visited Luka Nižetić’s restaurants in 2021 and 2022, we can say that they maintained the quality of service, and the only complaint is the significantly higher price this year compared to the “normal” last year.

But when you’re in Komiža in the summer, you will need to come again. 🙂

Wife Renata, daughter Paula and I at a restaurant table in Komiža.

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