Above Podhumlje (4K video)

Podhumlje is not a popular place on Vis with famous beaches because it is not located directly by the sea, so many tourists know little about it. Those who want to swim can go down to the Pritišćina bay, one of the most beautiful on the island with 6-7 kilometers long road.

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Pritišćina bay

How to get to Podhumlje? When you leave Komiža towards Vis on the old road, you will first come across Podhumlje. It is made up of several scattered villages, and it got its name from Hum, the highest hill on the island of Vis, under which it is located.

In the village, right next to the road, there is also the church of St. Nicholas from the 20th century. In the vicinity of the town, there are several interesting archaeological sites, of which Lokva, a Neolithic pool for collecting clay, which can be found on the marked road to Krušovica, is particularly interesting.

According to the last population census, 42 inhabitants lived in Podhumlje, 9 more than in 2011.

We flew over Podhumlje to show you the beauty of this place. Enjoy!

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