About me

I was born in Kutina back in 1966. From a young age, I dreamed of being a sailor who would sail the world and meet people and new places. My parents, on the other hand, wanted me to enroll in the Faculty of Forestry and to become a “ranger” :-). None of this came true, because at the beginning of high school I found a new hobby – being a DJ.

I played music in disco clubs, first in other people’s and then in my own, and my knowledge of music and speaking skills led me to the local radio Moslavina. Well, as I liked to research, I started making and designing commercials on the radio, and for one of them, I was awarded first place at the JRT Festival in Budva, back in 1988.

And then came 1995, I started my sound studio to record commercials but also music, thinking I would develop it further in my life. However, only a few months later, the at that time mayor of Kutina, Vladimir Rupčić, invited me to join the team that founded the television in Kutina. At first, I didn’t like the idea, but I quickly changed my mind.

The rest is history. In 1996, Television Moslavina (then NET, today Mreža TV) was the first private commercial television in Croatia to start operating under the newly enacted Law on Telecommunications, and I remained director until 2017, and the owner even today. We also bought Television Dalmacija from Split and created the only television network in Croatia.

I wandered a bit, looking for myself in investments in agricultural production and catering, but as soon as the opportunity arose, I got out of it. Not because I was less persistent but because I didn’t see myself in it.

Then followed a new project called media for the media – Media daily, then writing my first media book and now this diary about building a house on the sea.

And there is some realization of the boy’s dreams from the beginning of this text. Although I will certainly not be a sailor, at least I can still dream about it with the sound of the sea on my “boat made out of stone” parked in the middle of the Adriatic.

I feel like at every start. Very excited.

So let the adventure begin.