Why am I writing this?

I need very little time to make an important decision. Encouragement (motive) and desire are enough for me. My desire to write is genetically there, so it was not questionable because I have been in journalism for more than 35 years, and I came to the motive by accident. Namely, joining a group on social networks, which concerns the island of Vis, I asked its members for advice on whether there are good architects and builders on the island that I would hire in my project of building a house by the sea. And I got a hundred reactions, from positive to negative.

However, the thinking of the people who gave comments in the group, but also my inbox, was that this construction of a mine would take a long time, and would cost me much more than I could ever imagine. And that I will have to “lubricate things” if I want to finish it at all. It’s just how it is on the island.

I have not slept well that night. I thought a lot about everything and what problems I would encounter, and whether I would be able to overcome them. I admit I was also a bit discouraged by “well-meaning” advices on how it was smarter for me to give up before I even set off.

Still, I think I am adorned with another virtue. And that is that I find it hard to give up if I find myself doing what makes me happy and content. And what I love.

The next morning I woke up just like that. Happy and satisfied. And I decided to turn the difficulties I would encounter to my advantage. I decided to PUBLICLY keep my diary (blog) about building a house by the sea.


  • Because I want to share my experience of building on the island with you and encourage you in your attempts to make dreams come true,
  • Because I want to publicly praise every individual who does his job well and honestly in institutions, where I need to obtain loads of permits and approvals. This also applies to other participants in the construction such as good craftsmen, tradesmen, architects, surveyors, etc…
  • Because I want to publicly point out the persons who are the opposite of the persons from the previous paragraph and
  • Because my experience will be useful to you so that you do not make mistakes that I will probably make.

I also expect a lot from you who will read this diary, so I invite you to get involved with your advice, experiences, and comments.

Because everything is easier when you’re not alone, right?